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Very good my friend

That was really good!

Your tweening method is the same as mine. A symbol to each layer.

It takes ages, but the result is pretty good!

Look out for it in my next flash! lol.

Great job. I can see alot of effort went in to that and the humour was pretty good.

Well done

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Xiphon responds:

yay, it took quite a lot of blood, sweat, and a few loose teeth to make that fight scene, and it still doesn't look as good as i originally wanted it to. (I missed several meals for that scene lol)


Well, I didnt actually realise Salad Fingers was that popular on NG! I found it elsewhere, but I gotta say it IS good. The humour couldn't be much more black, but being british, I like nothing better than the dark stuff!

I though your animation and artwork was pretty good, even if i disagree with the message.

Keep it up!

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Maverick0 responds:

Has the whole world gone British!? :p

Gawd, the cactus sounded like my dad! lol

That was great! I can never take David blunket seriously! "I see what the problem is here" NO YOU DON'T! lol.

Some people said u overused wanker and bastard, I disagree that this was a bad thing. I feel it adds to the idea of a working class, illeducated, ignorant, british ... cactus!

Good job!

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That was great

I'm sorry to seem critical but, i was confude why the cars going in the same direction as the pelican were faster... surely it should be the other way round?

Anyhoo, good game!


I've been playing this game for more than 2 hours now!

Such a simple concept, i suppose, but brilliantly executed and the huge amount of layouts is great.

Well done

Good game

Very good game. Good use of graphics. Just one tiny problem I have... spelling!!!

on the intro it should be "i don't remember when i didn't DRINK TOO much".

Just add an extra o to the end of to when you are talking about having too much.

Good work.

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